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Lynda com Animation Tips and Tricks with Flash Professional 英文版 CD 出品的時長5小時16分的Flash Professional動畫技巧與竅門視頻教程。由Dermot O' Connor講述了使用Flash動畫設計時經常遇到的各種實際問題和可行解決途徑。內容包括運用漸變創作精細的紋理和光線特性,減少卡通片的平面感。如何模擬風,火,云等自然現象,如何模仿三維空間,如何加入淡化和過渡效果,以及搖擺振動效果的制作等。本教程附帶練習文件。

In Animation Tips and Tricks with Flash Professional author Dermot O' Connor introduces a variety of real-world issues that animators commonly encounter and practical solutions to them in Flash. The course covers how to apply gradients to create subtle texture and light characters, reducing the flat look of most cartoons; how to simulate natural phenomenon such as wind, fire, and clouds; how to mimic 3D space; and how to add fades and transitions to create custom cuts between scenes. The course also includes a look at staggers, which can be used to create camera shake, tremor effects, and extreme character reactions. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
Overlapping and animating colors
Creating lens flares
Animating hair with shape tweens
Animating an explosion
Animating smoke with particles
Animating a scream
Using Virtual Cam
Lighting a 3D shot
Animating cross dissolves